june 2006:

Border Tightrope

A Controversial Fine Art Exhibition

June 3rd - 28th, 2006


Master painters from Baja and Southern California. Three realist painters record history of people living on edge in the Mexican/American border region on their canvases.

Gregg Stone, award winning international fine artist, Ramon Carrillo, an art professor in Mexicali and a fine artist, and Emigdio Vasquez, a renowned muralist in Orange County share with you their vision of marginal lives in their own unique styles.

Stone paints the Hispanic communities in watercolor, gouache and sumi ink on paper, Vasquez expresses his political view in oil. Carrillo paints human pain and struggles in acrylic as well as watercolors.


OCCCA is also presenting the Exhibition:
“No Border Brown-shirts”
a collective of concerned Chicano and American Artists assembled to paint their interpretation and reaction to the current Border Minutemen, and the Candidacy for congress, of their founder Jim Gilchrist. The paintings are created on the backdrop of Jim Gilchrist campaign posters.

The featured artists for this exhibition are as follows:
Serg Hernandez, Pat Sparkuhl, Paul Vauchelet, Crol, Werc, Manone, Asylm, Gregg Stone, Marka 27, Ricardo Duffy, Guillermo Bejarano, Partick Marinez, Magu.


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