september 2012


Artists from the West Coast Drawing Group

VIrtual Walkthrough

Sharp End of the Stick

September 1-29th, 2012

Opening Reception: Sept 1st, 2012. 6pm to 10pm

The mission of West Coast Drawing is to provide inspiration, artistic support, and career advancement for outstanding artists working in drawing media in the San Diego area. We promote respect for drawing as an art form by providing information and mounting exhibitions of members' work.

Claire-Lise Matthey Anderegg
Anthony Beltran
K. D. Benton
Katherine Brannock
Justina Carrasco
Joshua Eggleton
Therese Cipiti Herron
Cheryl Cotman
Joyce M. Corum
Diana Duval
Irina Gronborg
Linda Kardoff

Clayton Llewellyn
Lou Anne Kromshroeder-Davis
Kathleen McCord
Robert Nelson
Susan J. Osborn
Mick Phelan
Judy Pike
Karen Rhiner
Maria Evangelina Rodriguez
Joan C. Thompson
Ted Washington
John Webster
Kathy Zanot


John P Webster , "Conclusions of Anarchy"
Oil and Graphite on Masonite. 17 3/4 x 23 3/4"

MOBO, among other things, is an acronym for Management Of Business Oligarchs. It refers to the absurdity of our political landscape which is run by the corporatocracy. It refers to the anti-Ceo, and the blind faith deeply ingrained into the average american psyche to not question our monetary policies. "Mobo" has also been used as a sort of open-source pseudonym for artists, or anyone who wishes to call themselves Mobo


Katherine Brannock, "Winters Warrant"
Ballpoint pen, shellac and gold ink with walnut ink stain, 14"x24" 2012


Joyce M Corum, "Bones and Stones”
Colored Pencil, Gesso, on Wood. 70" x 44" 2010


About West Coast Drawing

West Coast Drawing is here to show that drawing, in all its diversity, is an end, not just a means, as valid an art form as oil on canvas, fresco on walls, carved marble, or contemporary quirks. In this group, some of San Diego's best artists working in drawing media come together for mutual inspiration and exhibition and to raise the bar for drawing, which they define drawing as any two-dimensional expression that goes on dry or with a stick.

Members are among the most stellar artists on the California West Coast. They meet about once a month to plan exhibitions, to share experiences, and to hear speakers who enhance their artistic lives. They nurture and support each other in their art careers, and have a lot of fun doing it. Membership is juried, and standards are high. Only a third of applicants has been accepted. Maximum membership is 25.

The group was founded in 2003. Each member of West Coast Drawing conducts a productive professional art career apart from the activities in this organization. Their work ranges from photorealism, to total abstraction, to expressionism.

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