Salon; An Open Art Discussion

December 11th, 2002

Form + Function 3

Holiday Show and Sale

December 6th - 8th, 2002

Funds raised through the sale provide operating and educational outreach funds for OCCCA.

Barrie Egan
Bill Gallagher
Chris King
Annette Paskiewicz
Tate Rich
Corliss & John Rose
Susie Rubenstein
Sergio Salgado

Mary Jayne Schreiber
Nanda & Kelly Soderberg
Scott Stodder
Kathryn Stovall-Dennis
Garrett Stryker
Barbara Thompson
Stephen Woodruff
Scott Young

Truth, Pattern, Nature and Memory

October 6th - November 24th, 2002

Pamela Grau Twena, Dennis Cubbage, & Gordon Huether

Huether’s portion of the exhibit, titled In Nature’s Light will partner salvaged materials with imagery and objects from nature, their appearance manipulated through the use of light, shadow, and water. The series will include installation work ranging from a cactus garden of radiator cores to a suspended forest of neon. Other freestanding sculpture and wall pieces will utilize obscured objects from nature and projected patterns of water and light.

Grau-Twena will be exhibiting paintings from two new series. The first series, Beyond the Veil, explores going deeper into one’s self, away from things (more) comfortable and pleasing to places real and vulnerable. It’s About Power utilizes the Palm Springs windmills, as a metaphor to show man’s mindless dependence on that which we don’t understand.

Cubbage’s paintings use pattern and language as a measurement of his own memory and personal history.


Ecstacy: Mind, Body, Spirit

September 4th - 29th, 2002

Juror: Meg Linton, Executive Director Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum

Meg Linton, Director of Santa Barbara Contemporary Exhibitions juried 200 submissions which came from the United States and Europe. The Thirty four accepted artists will exhibit a total of 47 works. Accepted artists hail from California, New York, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Texas Oregon and Bologna, Italy

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Open Artist Call

August 3rd - 31st, 2002
New Member Work

July 6th - 28th, 2002
Marilyn Ellis, Tom Douglass & Mark Schooly
June 1st - 30th, 2002

May 1st - 26th, 2002

Curated by Connie & Mike Sasso

April 3rd - 28th, 2002

Curated by Kebe Fox

March 2nd - 31st, 2003
January 30th - February 24th, 2002
Suki Berg, Jen Shin Lin & Patsy Cox

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