OCCCA New Member Exhibition

December 20th, 2003 - Jan 11, 2004


< align="right" class="circular-image"> China Ceramics Today:

Between Traditions & Contemporary Expression

November 1st -December 15th, 2003
Organized by Ariana Museum, Geneva & Guangdong Art Museum, China. Funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

October 3rd - 25th, 2003
Jeffrey Crussell, Laura Hines-Jurgens & Felix Tharin

Beefcake, Cheesecake II; Tastes of a Nation

September 6th - September 28th, 2003

Juror: Jamie Wilson, Director, Square Blue Gallery

A follow-up to the highly acclaimed Beefcake/Cheesecake Exhibit of 2001

Tom Allen • Sophia Allison • Nell Angelo • Liza Hennessey Botkin • Jennifer Celio • Paula Covarrvbias • John T. Dempsey IV • Mimi Drop • Christinanne Elise • Donise English • Nicholas Fedak II • Joseph Gerges • J.C. Jaress • Satoko Kajima • Pamela Keilson • Gregory Liffick • Jason Maloney • Joanne Chase-Mattillo • Isabella Natak • Makiko Okamoto • Bradford J. Salamon •
Chad Wasser • Darlyn Susan Yee

Art, et al: An Eclectic Auction for AIDS

Sunday, September 21st, 2003

Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts and Je Voudrais Event Planning present Art, et al: An Eclectic Auction for AIDS benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA).

The art auction, will feature works donated by the Peter Fetterman Gallery, photographer Kurt Weston, illustrator Donald Hendricks, local artist Gabriel Mejia, and many others.

The Silent Auction begins at 6:30PM. and bidding closes at 8PM. Please join us for an evening of music, food, and art to help support APLA.

AIDS Project Los Angeles, which this year marks 20 years of prevention, advocacy and service, provides direct services to more than 10,000 men, women and children living with HIV and AIDS in Los Angeles County. Services include prevention education, food banks, professional dental care, housing assistance, mental health counseling, and case management. APLA is a leader in the provision of bilingual HIV treatment information, in print and on the Internet, and advocates for effective AIDS-related policies and legislation on the local, state and federal level. For more information, please visit www.apla.org.

Very Special Arts Benefit Exhibition exhibition and benefit
fundraiser for VSA Arts of California

August 2nd - August 24th, 2003
Established in 1986, the VSA Arts of California is an affiliate of VSA Arts in Washington, D.C. In 1997, VSA of California opened a gallery space in the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana to display the work of these very special artists. Through art, artists with severe physical or neurological disabilities have been able to communicate, heal and express their world to others. The gallery unfortunately closed in January 2003.

Contemporaneous Contemporary

Member Juried Exhibit

July 5th - July 27th, 2003

Artist Forum on Thursday, July 10th

Contemporaneous Contemporary will present an exhibition of 16 artists in a narrative reflection of their work. The artists were required to review their current work and the social issues that inspire, constrain or provide the creative infuence. For many artists, the challenge required a clarification of their artistic purpose and some created new bodies of work that reflected the current moment in time.

Out of Numbers

June 6th - 23rd, 2003

Lloyd Rodgers, Connie Sasso & Mike Sasso
May 3rd - May 31th, 2003
Kebe Fox, Pamela Mower-Conner & Mary Linda Moss

April 19th, 2003

Group Exhibition
Smokey Joes Cafe

April 2nd - April 13th, 2003

Gary Bjorklund

Signifiers: New Directions in Clay

March 1st - 30th, 2003

The work of 10 ceramic artists from across the United States. The exhibition will coincide with the annual NCECA Conference (National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts, www.nceca.net) to be held in San Diego, California, March 12 - 15, 2003.

Clay offers the artist enormous freedom to work in a variety of contexts. From primitive looking forms to the most polished and beautifully glazed objects, from abstract to representational, from utilitarian pieces to monumental sculpture, this exhibition presents the full range of possibilities waiting in each batch of freshly made clay.

Exhibiting Artists
Petronella Bannier, David Harton, Jerry Rothman, Veronica Watkins, Crispin Gonzales, Amy Kephart, Brett Thomas, Robert Harrison, Colby Parson-O'Keefe, Barbara Thompson


Freeze Frame:

Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers

January 30th - February 23rd, 2003

Panel Discussion: February 8, 4pm

Freeze Frame is an extraordinary exhibit celebrating the artistry of those photographers working in the shadows who are nevertheless the ones responsible for summing up the memory of an entire motion picture in a single, commanding still photographic image.

Since the inception of the motion picture, still photographers have toiled in anonymity to capture a record of virtually every scene for historical as well as publicity purposes. More than a century later, the set photographer continues to play a vital role in front of and behind the cinematographer’s camera. Indeed, there are a number of movies that have been lost and the only evidence in existence are the stills.

Whether recording those special dramatic moments that happen on the set or making portraits that emphasize the magic of individual on-screen and off-screen talent, unit photographers must understand the ambitions of the film they chronicle and be ever alert to those photographic opportunities that distill the essence of a project into a form that stands by itself in testimony on the printed page.

Exhibiting Artists
Phil Bray
Francios Duhamel
Brendan Fraser
Anthony Friedkin
Nicola Goode
Melinda Sue Gordon
Suzanne Hanover
David James

Douglas Kirkland
Rolf Konow
Gemma La Mana
Elliot Marks
Frank Masi
Merrick Morton
Melissa Moseley
Ralph Nelson
Peter Sorel

OCCCA Member Exhibition

January 3 - 26th, 2003

Salon - An Open Art Discussion - Wednesday, January 8

The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art will host "Salon" - an evening of art and conversation. OCCCA presents an open invitation to the public to visit the gallery on a mid-week night for an informal discussion of art, culture, education or whatever may cross your mind.

The gallery setting provides for the free exchange of ideas and allows the interaction between artists and the community.

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