june 2008:
Enclosed, Encased & Enrobed

A provocative exploration of society’s norms and requirements for body coverage

June 5th - 28th, 2008

Artists Reception Saturday June 7th, 6-10pm

Darlyn Susan Yee,
Christina Ponce,
Yun Bai,
The Nipple Project


Darlyn Susan Yee addresses self and body image, questioning the emphasis society places on particular clothing items. She creates sculptural artwork using traditional fiber methods such as knotting, knitting, weaving and coiling. Darlyn's consuming passion is the aspect of each tiny detail interacting with the others to form a whole. Darlyn uses techniques that were once considered women's work or home arts to create installations and pieces of museum quality contemporary art.


Christina Ponce explores the stereotypes of modern day subcultures, specifically the S&M community and homosexuality. Her work deals with the portrayal of intimate moments that occur within these lifestyles, and the stereotypes and preconceived notions that are associated with them. Christina uses a process called photo-chemical painting with the photographs which serves not only to create an original one-of-a-kind artwork, but also to add multiple layers of meaning to the images.


Yun Bai uses imagery of porn as a form of empowerment, thereby celebrating the spirit of all women. The work has grown to symbolize triumph from difficult times, with a focus on healing, strength, courage, and enthusiasm for the future. From afar one sees the plant silhouettes of these fleshy colored flowers, beautiful and innocent. However, upon closer inspection, the leaves and petals are actually female body parts that evolved from a collage of imagery found in pornographic magazines.


The Nipple Project was initially inspired by the release of advertisements for a bra that espoused quite blatantly that it provides "maximum nipple coverage!" Jennifer Baylis and Andrea M. Dominguez felt that this bra epitomized the eradication and androgenization of the nipple. They found this ironic in an era where breast augmentation is done in order to gain a "more feminine look." So they wanted to reclaim their natural femininity and counter this strange phenomenon. But as Jennifer and Andrea's call for nipples for their project got into full swing, they realized they had touched something deeper. Women responded to their call for reasons they had not intended. Breast cancer survivors, women who had lost a family member or friend to breast cancer and women who were inspired by the joys and rigors of nursing have all contributed work to the project


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