OCT-nov 2013


Navigating the Journey to Self Identity

October 5-November 15, 2013

Opening Receptions:
Saturday, October 5th, 6-10pm
Saturday, November 2nd, 6-10pm

Curator Talk
The curator, Amy V. Grimm, will give a talk on 
Saturday, October 26th from 2:00PM - 3:00 PM

Concerts @ OCCCA
Dean Moore, on tour
November 15th, 7pm


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8" x 10" (20.32 x 25.4 cm)
Full Color Bleed on White paper 150 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1493538416
ISBN-10: 1493538411
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This internationally curated exhibition includes artists who are participating in an internal and external dialog about themselves, others, and how they have navigated their lives within the communities in which they live.

Although the artists are employing a broad range of styles and media, many are addressing the act of societal labeling, by appropriating and using these stereotypes and slurs. And, often moving beyond the motivations or historic use of these terms, artists are bravely participating in a re-contextualization of these terms. In many ways this appropriation of language may be evaluated as a reversal of power by those who have been marginalized or othered.     

As participants in this larger dialog, artists are redefining often painful language into a language that serves a growing range of purposes such as intentionality, awareness, humor, emotional armor or as a broad claim to power. 


Superman, Jane Szabo



Featured Artists:

Elaine Alibrandi, David Alvarado, Anna Bae, Louisa Bertman, Joe Biel, Ashley Blalock, Richard Bohn, Ashley Bowman, Leslie Brown, Minh Carrico, Carole Caroompas, Eric Carson, Brian Cho, Andrew Covell, Paul Daniels, Andreina Davila, Ismael de Anda III, Deb Diehl, Rachel Edwards, Sheila,Fein, Kathi Flood, Nicole Fournier, Mariano Gonzales, Melanie Gregg, Davettia Hill, Regina Jacobson, David Janesko, Nancy Johnson, Kimia Kasraie, Sarah Knight, Ira Korman, Anthony Lazorko, Patrick Lee, Amber Lelli, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Larry Lytle, Brian Mallman, David Lucian Matheke, Eowyn Wilcox McComb, Barbara McIntyre, Derrick Meads,Trevor Messersmith, Meredith Lynn Morrison, Thomas Müller, Kevin Netteberg, Liz Obert, Ted Ollier, Annushka Peck, Carolin Peters, Arlyn Pillay, Henry Ricci, Mary Robinson, Stephanie Robison, Jane Rosemont, Yoshie Sakai, Doug Sandelin, Kate Sikorski, Donna Stack, Sarah Stolar, David E. Stone, Jane Szabo, Reka Szent-Ivanyi, Brent Thomas, Cyane Tornatzky, Amy Tucker, Alisa Yang



Mental disorder chart, Alisa Yang


Curator Amy V. Grimm

Independent Curator, Associate Professor of Art History & Museum Studies, Irvine Valley College

The OCCCA guest curator for Compass, Amy V. Grimm has degrees in both Art History and Psychology and has lectured extensively on contemporary art and issues of identity. Combining her research interests with compassion and humor, Grimm combines her academic training to address complex and often challenging issues in identity. Grimm received her B.A. in Psychology from the State University of New York in New Paltz, New York and later received a Graduate Certificate in Museum Management and a M.A. in Art History from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina. Grimm’s M.A. Thesis, is titled, Andy Warhol: An Inquiry into Self Identity and Portraiture. Grimm’s area of specialization includes Modern and Contemporary European and American Art.

Grimm’s museum and academic career spans over 20 years including work for the Albany Institute of History & Art, the South Carolina State Museum, the El Paso Museum of Art, and the Long Beach Museum of Art. As a museum curator, Grimm has developed and supervised over 40 exhibitions including independent projects and museum collaborations. Notable exhibitions include, Out of Eden: The Sculptural Work of Harry Geffert for the El Paso Museum of Art, and Sweet Subversives: Contemporary California Drawings for the Long Beach Museum of Art.



Epiphany (self portrait), David Alvarado


Grimm’s scholarship related to exhibition programming and independent critical reviews have been published as museum catalogs and articles in national publications such as Sculpture and Artlies magazines. Grimm is past president of the Border Museum Association in El Paso, Texas; an organization that sponsors events to promote international arts partnerships. Working for the College Art Association, Grimm has developed annual conference programming and exhibitions in digital media in cities such as Seattle, Atlanta, Boston and New York. For the College Art Association’s Annual Conference in 2007, in New York City, Grimm chaired the panel Out of the Frame: Creativity and Change. This panel addressed curatorial risk taking in light of controversial topics and technological challenges. Also during the 2007 conference, Grimm curated The Media Lounge, a unique space dedicated to showing contemporary new media, such as the MIT Media Lab, Potter-Belmar Labs and several independent filmmakers and videographers.

Grimm continues to lecture extensively on topics such as Andy Warhol, Contemporary Art and Museum Studies. As a newly tenured Associate Professor of Art History & Museum Studies, Grimm is developing a new undergraduate program in Applied Museum Studies for Irvine Valley College. And, the college is very pleased to have awarded the first Certificates of Proficiency in Curatorial Practice and will be awarding the first Certificates of Proficiency in Museum Education and Visitor Services this spring. Irvine Valley College students in the program have applied their newly acquired knowledge and skills in museum internships, in curating exhibitions and by continuing their education in graduate programs in museum studies. Students participating in the program will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for a variety of academic and employment opportunities, in museums and other arts organizations.

Questions please contact: Amy V. Grimm at agrimm@ivc.edu


Fast-Food Momma, Anthony Lazorko



I wish to acknowledge the people who have contributed to my appreciation of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) and to those who have worked with me on this project. First, I wish to thank Rob Mintz, OCCCA Affiliate Member and Trustee for introducing me to OCCCA and for encouraging me to explore a variety of collaborative opportunities. Over the last several years, I have enjoyed many inspired conversations about art and creativity and have observed the tremendous dedication of the artist-members of OCCCA. And, from those conversations, I must give a special thank you to Victoria Chapman of Art Cube Gallery in Laguna Beach for recommending the subject of identity and for allowing me to run with the idea. I also wish to acknowledge Jeff Alu, Exhibition Director, and Stephen Anderson, Executive Director of OCCCA for the tremendous work they have contributed to all phases of this project and for maintaining good humor even during some very long days.

During this project I’ve worked with many tremendously talented people who have made enormous contributions to this project. The behind the scene work that must go on to make any exhibition a success requires a great deal of patience, hard-work and intelligence and I had the good fortune to work with the best of the best. I must acknowledge the generosity of every artist in this exhibition, their friends and families, and to my wonderful gallery colleagues who loaned works to the show including: Western Project, Koplin Del Rio Gallery, Lora Schlesinger Gallery, MKE<->LAX and Craig Krull Gallery.

As a professor of Art History and Museum Studies at Irvine Valley College, I often must look to multiple disciplines to progress in my research and writing. This interdisciplinary environment is especially meaningful to me and I’m fortunate to have made friends with many of my colleagues in a variety of fields. But, I must give a hearty thank you to my “family” in the Department of Psychology for their tremendous support of my work and I hope that they enjoy this exhibition as much as I do. This project continues to reveal new ideas to me and working on Compass-Navigating the Journey to Self-Identity, has been a truly memorable experience. I am deeply grateful and humbled by the generosity of spirit from the artists in this exhibition and I wish to thank them for sharing something of themselves as we navigate this ongoing journey together.

Amy V. Grimm



So you thought you were protected, Brent Thomas


We wish to thank the following Galleries
for loaning work for this exhibition:

Western-Project, Culver City, CA
Craig Krull Gallery, Begamot Station, Santa Monica, CA
Koplin Del Rio Gallery, Culver City, CA
Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Begamot Station, Santa Monica, CA
MKE<->LAX Platforms, Los Angeles, CA & Milwaukee, WI


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