may 2017


1. make (someone) feel admiration and respect.
2. make a mark or design on (an object) using a stamp or seal; imprint.

May 6-27, 2017

Opening Reception May 6, 6pm-10pm

Curated by Nguyen Ly

Prior to the fifteenth century, images were rare, locked away in palaces to which few had access, or affixed to the walls of churches. The technology of printmaking, developed around 1400, suddenly made it possible for essentially identical images to be mass-produced from a single matrix of carved wood or metal. Technology, therefore, was responsible for making the printed image a ubiquitous presence in modern society through newspapers, magazines, and billboards. In turn, a recent technology, the computer, has been responsible for the eclipse of the printed image. Today, infinitely multiplied images flash across computer screens and smart phones. The proposed exhibition posits the relevancy of the printed image in this digital age. It aims to show the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary fine printmaking, and the possible marriages of digital and hand-printing technology.


Yeansoo Aum, Mary Dessert, James Dinh, Bill Faecke, Carole Gelker, Joseph Gerges, Alex Jackson, Bill Jaros, Marelyn Larios, Peter Liashkov, Poli Marichal, Jared Millar, Glenn Morgan, The`Nguyen, Dominga “Minga”, Opazo, Rosemarie Palacios, Ernest Price, Victor Rosas, Jamie Russom, Marianne Sadowski, Ann Schuster, Tuan Phan


Bill Jaros


Joseph Paul Gerges, “The Gathering”


Yeansoo Aum Title: “Mask 5”

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