november 2017

Holiday Pop-up Sale

3 days only! November 2-4

Nothing is priced over $250

Art Belongs to Everyone!

Check out the modern masters' museum prints in the backroom at bargain prices. All of these prints framed with glass. Many starting at $25- $100

Participating artists:
Annie Clavel, Beverly Jacobs, Brent Walker, Carolyn Yarnell, 
Dawn Quinones, Del Ryder, Echo Lew, Evalynn Alu, Jeff Gillette, Jeffrey Frisch, Jon Ng, Kebe Fox, Marianna Baker, May Belsby, Rich Bohn, Rob Mintz, Robin Repp, Stephen Anderson, Steve Roberts

Come buy original artwork by OCCCA gallery artists and friends, find gifts for friends and family and help support the gallery we are a 501c3 non-profit and donations are tax deductible.

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