june 2018

Rome Revisited

June 2–23, 2018

Curated by OCCCA’s Exhibitions Director, Carolyn Yarnell

Opening Reception: Saturday June 2, from 6 to 10 pm

The exhibition Rome Revisited reunites the following Fellows and Residents of the American Academy in Rome who were brought together by the Rome Prize at the turn of the millennium, MM, in a celebration of the fine arts and humanities. -Carolyn Yarnell


Tom Andrews, (FAAR 2000, literature)
Martin Bresnick (FAAR 1976, RAAR 2000, musical composition)
Shih-Hui Chen (FAAR 2000, musical composition)
David Fludd (FAAR 2000, visual arts)
Stephen Harby (FAAR 2000, architecture)
Wendy Kaplan (FAAR 2000, design arts)
Joyce Kozloff (FAAR 2000, visual arts)
Jeannette Louie (FAAR 2000, visual arts)
Simonetta Moro (Italian Fulbright Fellow, visual arts)
Alice Boccia Paterakis (FAAR 2000, Historic Preservation & Conservation)
Sandra Phillips (RAAR 2000, fine arts)
David Salle (RAAR 2000, visual arts)
Stephen Sears (FAAR 2000, landscape architecture)
Maureen Selwood (VAAR 2000, FAAR 2003, visual arts)
Peter Waldman (FAAR 2000, architecture)
Carolyn Yarnell (FAAR 2000, musical composition)
Dorian Blake Yarnelson (VAAR 2000, visual arts)
Micheal Frank ( VAAR 2000 , literature)
Johnathan Harr ( VAAR 2000, literature)

*With special guest artist, George Herms (FAAR 1983, visual arts), who inspired the establishment of OCCCA.

Carolyn Yarnell, curator of the show, is an American composer and visual artist. A recipient of the Rome Prize, Charles Ives Prize, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. She is particularly noted for works which combine visual and musical depictions of landscape and light, many of which were inspired by the landscapes of her native California.

The American Academy in Rome, a leading overseas research and arts institution, is situated across the Tiber on the hill Janiculum overlooking the Eternal City. Website: http://aarome.org/about

The Janiculum is a storied place in history and mythology. It was the center for the cult of Janus, the two-faced God of beginnings and endings, of time, doors and passages, his face looking both to the past and the future. It was site of the siege of Rome in 508 BC during the war between Rome and Clusium, and where the forces of Garibaldi were defeated by the French in 1849.

This exquisite hill has also brought together some of the most celebrated creators in history. It was on the Janiculum -- at the precise site where the American Academy's Casa Rustica stands today – where, on April 14, 1611, Galileo unveiled for the first time his new invention: the telescope.

The American Academy in Rome is uniquely perched in the vast range of perspective and perception, simultaneously a place where history both resides and is created. To Carolyn Yarnell, though, that transcendent place will always be safe in her heart as "Rome, sweet home."


David Fludd


Joyce Kozloff


Simonetta Moro


David Salle


Stephen Sears


Maureen Selwood


Carolyn Yarnell


Dorain Blake Yarnelson

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