november 2021

Photo Expression: REIMAGINED

Curated by Kurt T. Weston.

Nov. 6th through Nov. 27th, 2021

Artist Reception: Saturday, November 6, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Featuring photographs by:
Marte Amato - Bridget Bourgon - Gerald Chapman
Marianne Cohen – Bruce Fisher- Annette Globits
Ken Hart - Dan Meylor - Roger D. Reading
Pamela G. Rosen - Connie Reidhart Terry
Kurt T. Weston – William Workman


Exhibition statement
Photography offers a unique tool in creating images which represent the world, not only in
actuality, but in strange, abstract, and revolutionary ways. Images can challenge, blur, or undo
the boundaries of how the world is understood and perceived. They may collapse any distinction
between what is and what is not, and they can add the element of surprise; an unexpected
juxtaposition; a distortion of reality; a dream-like subject matter. Images can represent an
interest in the subconscious, the magical, the intuitive, and the metaphorical.
The artists of Reimagined go beyond straight photography. They achieve their subjective vision
by utilizing a variety of stylistic approaches. They create Images where meaning is constructed
through the camera, the treatment of the print, digital collages, alternative image capture, and
digital enhancements. The artwork demonstrates each artist’s unique aesthetic and process. It
provides an opportunity for us to reimagine the art of photography.



Treillis Climbing by Annette Globits


Her Garden of Eden by Dan Meylor

Time Passages by Bruce Fisher


Future Paradise by Kurt Weston

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