April 2022

Genetically United

Genetically United
According to research, the link between generations can be either chain-based or learned, or a little of both. Whichever takes the blame is up to the individual, and perhaps that decision is more emotionally driven than we care to admit. Artistic thought or “talent” can be passed down from one individual to their offspring, and how or if they take advantage of these signals is up to their personal will, their need to communicate, and their love of adventure. Genetically United will take place at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in April of 2022. The exhibition will display art by blood-related individuals linked by artistic bonds. Whether working directly with one another or influenced by factors positive or negative from worlds afar, the exhibition will display artwork from both which illustrates the linkage between the two.

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Featured Artists:
Evalynn & Jeff Alu, Annie & Olivier Clavel, David & Joseph French, Wai-Lin & Jonas Yip, Allie & Julia Rigby

Evalynn & Jeff Alu, Mother/Son
Evalynn and Jeff have cued off one another numerous times, especially ramping up around Jeff’s early years when her art and his music began to mesh. She most likely did not realize that the visions that he had of her creating were making an impression, but they were subconsciously forcing him to see differently. While Jeff was banging away on the piano he didn’t realize he was sending forth incredible and very creative images that were influencing Evalynn’s work. Jump forward 20 years: Our artistic connections have now become even more apparent in our mutual search for answers through nature and life’s lessons. That search is continuing and will lead us to unpredictable destinations.

Annie & Olivier Clavel, Mother/Son
Both visual artists on either side of the ocean.
Annie, in California: She expresses her feelings with strong and lively colors. Each of her creations is a door to a new universe.
Olivier, in France: He paints colors, faces, and curves, and he will also surprise you with breathtaking street art.
In the genes, Annie and Olivier have in common a love of bright colors, strong emotions, and deep feelings throughout their compositions.

David & Joseph French, Nephew/Uncle
“Born in 1936 in Stockton On Tees in England Joseph French is my Uncle on My Father’s side. His Mother Mary was the daughter of Italian immigrants. In the 1950’s Joe started to take old negatives that his mother had of family photos that she had taken in the 20’s using a Kodak Box Brownie and he proceeded to develop and print them, sometimes manually cleaning up any scratches. Joe took to photography out of both technical intrigue and the exciting use it had for documenting the family.
Born in 1968 in Stockton On Tees I grew up in The North East of England. I was very influenced by the concrete buildings of the City of Manchester and by the history of stone sculpture in England going all the way back to Celtic Crosses and Stonehenge. My work consequently took the form of Abstract stone carvings and concrete casting.
Since living in the United States my environment again played a very important role in the development of my work. Most notably the automotive culture of Los Angeles and the consumer based society of America in general. My choice of materials changed out of necessity and I was drawn to the immediacy of materials such as styrofoam, urethane, fiberglass and automotive paint. The materials used in the mass construction of objects of contemporary life. In a sense I want my work to be both reflective of this consumer driven society but yet also be a portal into debates that affect the contemporary human experience which are more timeless and numinous than socio-economic or even environmental considerations”. David French

Wai-Lin & Jonas Yip, Father/Son
Paris: Dialogue
Like two Bauderlairean flâneurs exploring Paris who cannot let go of the memories that flow silently from the city’s buildings, parks, and relics, photographer Jonas Yip and renowned poet and scholar Wai-lim Yip travel through time and dreams seeking a forgotten history among the trembling light and shadows. In "Paris: Dialogue", the City of Light becomes the focal point of a dialogue between text and image, classical and modern, East and West, and father and son. Expressive, atmospheric photographs by Jonas Yip are paired with evocative poems by his father, Wai-lim Yip, inspired by the photographs themselves. Shown side by side, these haunting pairs of pictures and poems conjure a mood of melancholy nostalgia and reveal a cross-cultural, multi-generational dialogue whereby image and text are mutually enriched.

Allie & Julia Rigby, Sister/Sister
Allie and Julia Rigby are sisters who make art about ecological relationships. Through poetry and sculpture, they make work that asks questions about trauma and healing in relation to environments external and internal.

For more information, please contact
Evalynn Alu: ev@evalynnjalu.com
Jeff Alu: jeffalu@gmail.com

360 degree Gallery walkthrough

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