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Evalynn J Alu


Step into the vibrant world of Evalynn J. Alu, a talented artist based in Orange, California, whose creative journey is a fascinating exploration of painting, collage, and mixed media. Her art is an invitation to embrace wonderment, curiosity, and excitement while engaging the imagination through her soul's exploration of the universe and beyond, whether that journey takes a revolting or elegant form.

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Assistant Director


Evalynn J. Alu
Orange, CA

Phone: 714-287-2091



Painting, Collage and

Mixed Media

Evalynn J. Alu


Evalynn J. Alu was born and raised in Los Angeles. She was encouraged by her artist father and mother to draw and paint at a very young age. Self-taught for several years after that, she then realized her desire to study art. She studied at Santa Ana College and then moved on to Cal State University Fullerton where she graduated with a degree in art.

Pablo Picasso, Fransz Kline and Henry Moore are a few of the artists who have heavily influenced her work. Evalynn’s work was representational for years as she gradually discovered her fascination and desire to work with abstract forms, mostly derived from universal forces that are forever present. Experimentation with color as well as varying applications soon became her focal point. She hopes that her creations will allow viewers to discover for themselves the moods and inner feelings that will be pulled from each painting.

Evalynn spends much of her time painting in acrylic on canvas. She is the Assistant Executive Director at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA). Evalynn teaches art at Oakridge Private school and has taught at OCCCA as well where she is the Education Director. She has curated and judged many art- related events. Evalynn has shown internationally and has received many awards and recognition for her paintings.

Artist Statement

Evalynn Alu’s vision through her abstract painting is to create a sense of wonderment, curiosity, interest and excitement. She wants to encourage involvement while triggering the imagination from her soul’s exploration into the universe and beyond, whether revolting or elegant.

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