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Bella Marinos


Bella Marinos, an artist whose creative exploration knows no bounds, welcomes you to journey through a fusion of ceramics, film photography, and mixed media sculpture. Hailing from Orange County, California, Bella's work resonates with the echoes of Mexican ritualism, identity, and traditions, evoking a sense of timeless artifacts from civilizations and religions long past.

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Assistant Director


Bella Marinos
Irvine, CA

(650) 730-3134



Ceramics, Film Photography, and Mixed Media Sculpture


Bachelor of the Arts, Psychology Major, Art & Philosophy Minor MFA Candidate

Evalynn J. Alu


Bella Marinos is a mixed media artist of Mexican and Greek descent who mainly works in clay. They were born in San Francisco, CA, and currently live and works in Orange County, CA. They received their B.A. in Psychology from Chapman University. Bella’s work explores the themes of ritualism, identities, and customs, while incorporating elements from their Hispanic heritage.

Artist Statement

Bella Marinos’ work explores Mexican ritualism, identity, and customs, creating pieces reminiscent of artifacts from lost civilizations and religions.

Relative Fantasies, co-curator,2 023 Escalette Collection, Orange, CA, 2023 Fear/Fantasy, co-curator, 2023 Flaboheim Gallery, Orange, CA. 2023

Chapman University Spring Departmental, Guggenheim Gallery, Orange, CA, 2022 Chapman University Fall Departmental, Guggenheim Gallery, Orange, CA, 2022, 2023 Fear/Fantasy, Flaboheim Gallery, Orange, CA, 2023
The Den, Santa Ana, CA, 2023

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