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Beverly Jacobs


Beverly Jacobs, a passionate ceramic sculptor, opens the doors to a world of artistry that transcends mere aesthetics. Her work, shaped by clay's plasticity, spontaneity, and sensuality, offers viewers an opportunity to not only appreciate its visual beauty but also to engage with the profound messages it carries. Informed by her heritage, life experiences, activism, and the influence of iconic artists, Beverly's art is a testament to the power of expression through sculpture.


Membership Committee Chair


Beverly Jacobs
Irvine, CA




Ceramic sculptor

Beverly Jacobs


Beverly Jacobs, a ceramic sculptor, is proud to be an OCCCA Artist Member. Her venture into the art world

early in her fifth decade opened a new and exciting dimension to her life. It expanded her horizons beyond

the extensive science training in her “first life,” during which she earned a Ph.D. in physiology, an M.A. in

pharmacology, and a B.A. in zoology, and worked in the field.

After early retirement from scientific work, Jacobs enrolled in art classes in a community college and was

drawn to ceramics. Through classroom training and independent pursuits in the field, she successfully

developed her current vocation; she never looked back.

As a scientist, Jacobs was trained to observe the world, study and question what she saw, and then be able to

support her own conclusions. She used these tools while studying art, through which she is able to express

emotions evoked by nature, concerns about the world, and her core beliefs.

Jacobs states, “I may not be able to single-handedly solve troubling local and global problems, but it is

satisfying to be able to express my views to others, and to engage them in learning about and addressing the


Artist Statement

Beverly Jacobs uses clay’s plasticity, spontaneity, and sensuality to create artwork that invites viewers to appreciate both its beauty and message. It is informed by her heritage, life experiences, activism, and the work of iconic artists.

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