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Jeffrey Frisch


Welcome to the artistic world of Jeffrey Frisch. With a passion for creativity that spans over five decades, Jeffrey has established himself as a renowned artist, leaving his mark in various art forms. From sculpture to graphic design, his diverse skill set has led him to create captivating and thought-provoking pieces that have been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

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Executive Director

Exhibitions Committee

Installations Committee


Jeffrey Frisch

Santa Ana, CA 92701



Mixed Media Construction

Jeffrey Frisch


Jeffrey Frisch, born in Minneapolis, 1943, grew up and resides in Southern California. He is a U.S. Army veteran with a B.A. in graphic design and an M.A. in sculpture. He has two adult children and two grandchildren. Owned Jeffrey Frisch Design Associates for 10 years then curated the John Wayne Airport Arts Program for 25 years. Long-term Artist Member of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art frequently exhibiting his mixed-media constructions regionally.

Artist Statement
Highly evocative of fantasy vessels from a parallel universe, Airborne dreamVessels are a mixed media series of found, discarded objects and sail fabric from my own shirts. Referencing dreaming, both Airborne dreamVessels and one’s dreams can be of unrelated elements creating a believably rearranged sense of reality.

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