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Soheila Zohrabi Siadate


Step into the artistic world of Soheila Zohrabi Siadate, a passionate mixed media artist based in Huntington Beach, California. Her artwork is a reflection of the energy that flows beneath the surface of consciousness, influencing the reality that we perceive. Soheila crafts a narrative about humanity's connection to the hidden aspects of our duality, exploring how we tap into and connect with this hidden source, which shapes the quality of our outward expressions.

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Soheila Zohrabi Siadate Huntington Beach, CA 92647




Mixed Media artist

Gina Genis


Soheila Zohrabi Siadate was born and raised in Iran. It was at the age 25 she immigrated to US, 5 years after Iran’s revolution. Since her early childhood years Soheila was very passionate about art and creating little sculptures and give it to friends as gift, but it wasn’t until the age of 20 that she professionally became fiber artist and started selling her wearable art. Enduring a roller coaster of life changing experiences made Soheila strong and gave her a will to fight against oppression and survive hardship. It was right after the revolution of Iran she noticed the unjust social pressure that made Soheila consider looking elsewhere to live. She graduated from California State University of Long Beach with the degree of BFA in Fiber art. Many themes found in Soheila’s work today that can be tied to her youthful years growing up in a dysfunctional family and society.

Artist Statement

Soheila Siadate’s art is intended to echo the energy which is streaming beneath the surface of consciousness. This energy, however intense or subtle, dark or light affects the surface of reality. She creates a narrative about us, as humans, and how we are connected to a hidden part of our own duality. The way we connect or tap into that source will retain the quality of the energy that is beneath our outer layer.

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