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Current Exhibitions

OCCCA, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
is pleased to present the exhibition ART WITH A MESSAGE

Exhibition Dates:

July 6 - August 24, 2024

Opening Reception:

July 6, from 6:00-10:00 pm

Second Reception:

August 3 from 6:00-10:00 pm


The arc of history bends toward justice. Messaged art just speeds things along. Art with sharp, implied and/or focused messages can afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Messaged art helps us to envision a future free from the unconscionable tyranny of blind ignorance, oppression and mindless discrimination. The late Carrie Fisher said, “Take your broken heart and make it into art.” OCCCA invites artists to submit their art for a wide-ranging exhibition of text, symbols, posters, placards, videos, photography, paintings, sculptures, functional objects, installations, and new media projects. In ART WITH A MESSAGE, strength, beauty and truth walk hand in hand in hand. They can be packed with powerful visual inspirations and provocations in a wide range of styles covering a vast array of themes. ART WITH A MESSAGE, can awaken the conscience of the world, celebrating diversity, tolerance and art’s ineluctable promise of happiness. 

Free expression and topicality are traditions at OCCCA, an artist-run alternative space serving the contemporary art scene since 1980. 

Text Inspired in 2024, authored in 2017 by the Late and Revered Rob Mintz 



1.    Banan Al-Nasery
   Air Sculpture, 2022
   film photography
   2279 × 1535 pixels
   900.00 (edition1/5)

2.    Priscilla Amezola
   Behold the Revelation 
   Mixed media 

3.    Stephen Anderson
   profiting from others misery
   Image transfer on wood, clock mechanism
   6x6 inches

4.    Stephen Anderson
   Our side your side
   Image transfer on wood, clock mechanism
   6x6 inches

5.    terry arena
   Whiskey: Require Medical Assistance
   humanely sourced bee cadavers, floss, mica
   60 x 5.75 x .5in

6.    terry arena
   Xray: Stop Your Intention
   humanely sourced bee cadavers, floss, mica
   60 x 5.75 x .5in

7.    Stephanie Butler
   This Made Me Think Of You Amanda
   Acrylic on Canvas
   12in x 12in

8.    Stephanie Butler
   This Made Me Think Of You Julianne
   Acrylic on Canvas
   12in x 12in

9.    Stephanie Butler
   This Made Me Think Of You Allen
   Acrylic On canvas
   12in x 12in

10.    Ron Caraway
   The Greeting
   oil on canvas
   48 x 48in

11.    Maria Coletsis
   Intermission: Industry
   Giclee Print
   30inx20inx 2in

12.    Neifa Cosenza
   Mixed Media on Canvas

13.    Lee Anne Dollison
    Big A** Tornado
   mixed media/collage/assemblage on panel
   30in x 30in x 1.5in Framed: 38’ x 38in x 1.25
   $1800 + commission

14.    Lauren Evans
   In the Absence of
   Modeling clay, mouse traps. steel
   20in x 6in x 3in

15.    Dellis Frank
   Be Amended
   Acrylic on canvas, repurposed items, fiber, paper
   40 x 30 x 2.5 in

16.    Jeffrey Frisch
   Or Another
   Ink on Shaped Gator Board Panel
   14inW x 4.5inH

17.    Sandra Gallegos
   I Don't Understand
   paper collage
   4.5inX5.5in  9.5inX12in FRAMED

18.    Sandra Gallegos
   I Can Easily Understand
   paper collage
   4.5inX5.5in  9.5inX12in FRAMED

19.    stephen frank gary
   Segue to Epilogue
   acrylic, oil pastel, pencils on plywood with glicee portions on paper
   14 ft x 4 ft

20.    suvan geer
   Shifts - Faith
   8.5 in x 36 in

21.    Jennifer Gibello
   About Time

22.    mariano gonzales
   "The Demon Wears a Jesus Shirt
   Graphite on paper
   8in x 11in

23.    emanuela harris sintamarian
   Deus ex machinae
   acrylic, gouache on paper
   127in x 120in

24.    Lynette K. Henderson
   DDT I
   Acrylic on canvas.
   9in x 12in x 1.5in

25.    Lynette K. Henderson
   Acrylic on Canvas
   12in x 9in x 1.5in

26.    Lydia Kann
   Acrylic Paint on Paper
   48 inches x 90 inches

27.    DeannaILoveLeyla!12 Lamour
   Greedy Pig
   acrylic on stretched canvas
   32h x 34w x1d

28.    Dean and Laura Larson
   The Council Gathers in Time
   Archival ink on Hannemule Fine Art Canvas
   17inx22ft (other sizes:  17inx15ft; 17inx23.5

29.    Greig Leach
   Sticks and Stones, Bombs and Drones
   Oilsticks on paper

30.    Lisa Lesniak
   digital print /silk, cedar, steel, ribbon and thread
   23 x 17 x 3 inches

31.    Roberta Levitow
   The Bottom Line
   egg tempera
   11in x 14in

32.    Dorothy Magallon
   Maniquin cage, toy violin case, oil painting 
   29in x 16.5in x 13.5

33.    Lori Markman
   There is No Room At The Table
   Oil and charcoal on canvas
   36 x 48 inches

34.    Myra McCants
   UCI Encampment I
   35mm film photograph
   8 x 12

35.    Julio Pagán
   La Pieta MMXXIV
   Mix media
   6 feet tall with a 4x4 foot base

36.    Sihyeon Park
   Sun, Moon and Superstition
   Natural powdered colors on Korean Paper(water based)
   30x40 inch

37.    Fabiola Penafiel
   Every Walk of Life Traveling the Same Road
   Black Mountain Clay
   40 1-2 inch figures
   Not for sale

38.    Barbara Pieper
   Remember Parkland?
   cast bronze figures, barbed wire, wood base
   16in x 14.5in x 13.5in

39.    Maruja Powys Heiser
   Collateral Damage
   Stoware clay, oxydes, glaze
   18x8x8 inches

   Gentrification Intervention: Citron
   archival inkjet prints
   3 - 16x20 frames

41.    Ellen Rundle
   Key of Willingness
   Mixed Media Assemblage
   8 x 10

42.    kamelia Sadeghi
   10 Baha'i Women of Shiraz
   Intaglio Etching Copper Inked a-la-poupee

43.    kamelia Sadeghi
   Women Life Freedom
   Silkscreen on Printmaking Paper

44.    shilla shakoori
   Quiet dignity
   oil on canvas

45.    Rosanne Stutts
   For You

46.    Carol Taylor
   Peace or Pieces
   work on paper, collage, and paint
   11 X 22

47.    Carol Taylor
   5 Weeks Beat
   Work on Paper, Collage, Paint
   11 X 22

48.    Rhiannon Valenti
   Better Homes &Gardens
   Oil on canvas 

49.    Lillian Warren
   A Desire to Belong
   acrylic and oil on mylar
   24in x 30in

50.    Jasmin Wenigha
   Ur LAgos
   Oil on Linen Canvas
   48 inches x 60 inches

51.    Stacey Wexler
   Sacrifing Flowers
   Earthenware, underglazes, multiple glazes, wire, resin sculpt and acrylic
   13in x 10.5in x 10.5in

52.    Stacey Wexler
   Persistance of Sunflowers
   Earthenware, underglazes, multiple glazes, wire, resin sculpt and acrylic
   11.5in x 11in x 9in

53.    Stacey Wexler
   Hands Off
   Earthenware, underglazes, colored slips and multiple glazes. 
   11.5in x 10in x 9in

54.    Kenneth Wilbanks
   LilBoy Boom: In God We Thrust
   Laminated 3/4” Baltic birch plywood; walnut, teak & pine; clear polyurethane
   36”H x 40”W x 19”D


Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

117 N. Sycamore St., Santa Ana, CA 92701
Begun by artists in 1980 with exhibitions free to the public, OCCCA,
the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, is an all-volunteer,
artist-run 501(c)(3) non-profit gallery located in the heart of Santa Ana
Artists Village. Contact for further information.

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