December 2nd, 2004- Jan 9th, 2005

A temporal condition differentiating the now from the previous

FORm and FUNction 4

December 3rd - 5th, 2004

Local artists create art that has function and
sell at this show pre-Christmas boutique

Shari Bonnin – Paul Brayton – Bill Gallagher – Claudia Grau - Nancy Harlan - Scott Jennings –
Mike Penilla – Susie Rubenstain – Kathryn Stowall Dennis – Stephen Woodruff –
Karin Worden – Scott Young


November 2004

Fiber Arts, Curated by Robert Arieas


October 2004

Jeffrey Crussell and Nancy Harlan, and guest artist William Catling.

We take many different kinds of journeys. There are physical, spiritual, emotional, and life journeys, to name a few. Passages from one state or place to the next. Some journeys we take alone, some with company.

If life itself is a journey, not a destination, then Journeys is about taking time to reflect on life's journey and explore the ways that the journey shapes us as human beings. Journeys will include episodes from the artist's lives, small vignettes or passages.


September 1st -26th, 2004

Exploring the art of misperception and projected meaning
Juror: Eleanor Antin

State of the Union:
L.A. Graffiti Artists

August 4 – 29th, 2004

Curated by Greg Stone & Pamela Grau Twena

Some of the artists included in show are: MANONE, Chaz, Vyal, Sacred194 and Victor Sepulvada. There will be a weekly lecture series during this exhibition on Chicano art, Graffiti art, and the social context of this contemporary work.

Series of Layers

July 1st - August 1st, 2004

Robert Tartter, Françoise Issaly, & Susan Coughlan

Landscape Gestures:
Mind, Place and Environment

June 2nd - 27th, 2004

Bart Palisi: Arnhem Land to Southern California: Nature and the City
Stephen Anderson: Burned Fingers Series of 1,000
Kimmy McCann: Paintings

June 19th. Music Performance by The Lloyd Rodgers Group

Ink Under Pressure

May 1st - 30th, 2004

Juror Patrick Merrill

In Between

April 1st - 25th, 2004

Lilla Hangay, Bobbie Mandel, guest artist: Laura Siquieros

Three women artists exploring our world through the media of paint. Their work has figurative elements but is not strictly representational.  Bobbie’s new series reflects on subjective presence in inanimate objects, the metaphors that I am using is "stone walls", from monolithic structures to dwellings that can reflect safety or imprisonment.

Our Differences. Can we be different and still live in harmony?

March 3rd - 28th, 2004

Linda Miser, Sergio Salgado, guest artist: Michael Mass

Heroes & Heroines;
Celebrating Artists Over 70

February Feb 5th - 29th, 2004

Curated by Suki Berg


OCCCA New Member Exhibition

December 20th, 2003 - Jan 11, 2004


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