August 2014

Ein Gesamtkunstwerk

Craig Sibley

August 2-30, 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday Aug. 2nd, 2014



Gesamtkunstwerk is a term first utilized by the German theologian and philosopher Karl Friedrich Eusebius Trahndorff in an essay prepared during the year 1827. Originally a German term, it has come to be accepted in English as a term of aesthetics. Loosely translated, it might be explained as an “all encompassing artwork” or a “synthesis of the arts”. It was used often by Composer/Theater Director Richard Wagner as a work of art which attempts to make use of all or many mediums, or at the very least strives to do so. Therein, the integration of visual arts, design, literature, architecture, technology, music, fashion, and virtually any creative endeavor might be part of a gesamtkunstwerk.



As an artist who is a self admitted slave to aesthetics, I find myself unsatisfied with much of what I view in the world. Eating lunch I gaze at my spoon and think… “Why does this have to be so freaking ugly”? Perhaps it is this neurotic personality trait that has served me as a catalyst, a fire that burns within me to create a world whereby I can live my aesthetic fantasy.



Gesamtkunstwerk has become my lifestyle. For me, art is something far more than an object to hang on the wall. It is a way of living. Yes, it is a singular vision... but then again, it IS my fantasy! I welcome you to my somewhat eclectic world.

I hope you enjoy! Craig Sibley


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