Artist Membership


OCCCA is one of the longest running co-op galleries in the USA

Accepted members will participate in great shows with lively opening nights in a historic building under the auspices of a non-profit arts organization dedicated to excellence in contemporary art since l980.

OCCCA can only accept applications from accomplished artists with a desire to participate in a historic long-range vision of Orange County’s future impact as a world-class art hotspot.

Prospective candidates must have an interest in shaping contemporary culture. Prospective candidates must have exciting work to show, and the time and energy to participate in a dynamic, multi-faceted organization of dedicated artists who expect a high degree of camaraderie and commitment.

Contemporary artists working in painting, sculpture, installation art, photography, film, video, new media, performance art and experimental new genres are welcome to apply.

OCCCA thrives in the spirit of voluntarism. OCCCA directors receive no salary. This is a pure grassroots organization that works on the passion and creativity of its members, who are artists themselves. Therefore by being a member you are an active participate in its vision and future. We are not beholden to anyone but our standards and community.

What we are able to provide on a shoestring budget, rivials organizations with six-seven figure budgets.



Submission Process to Join OCCCA

Phase 1
Submit by e-mail:
1. Three (3) images of current work
Format the file names with (your_name_Title.jpeg)
2. Include a brief description of your artwork
3. Include an exhibition Résumé
4. Include a website link of your work

E-mail your submission here

Subject line: New membership submission [your name, date]

Phase 2
Upon review of your phase 1 files, the membership will decide if
more information is needed, or decline your submission.

If the membership majority approves of your submission we will ask for you to present your work in person, and to discuss yourself and your work with the current membership.

Phase 3
After your presentation, the membership will take a vote to determine whether or not to accept you as an affiliate member. The first three months serve as a probation period to determine if the gallery is a good fit for you and you've proven to be a quality proactive member.

Artist Membership Basic Duties:

  1. Monthly member dues $30
  2. Belong to two committees
  3. Participate in installing of exhibitions
  4. Attend monthly meetings
  5. Attend exhibition opening receptions



Sustaining Membership


Contribute $45 per month, due on the 3rd of the month, or $500 ahead for the whole year. If a Sustaining Member misses three consecutive monthly payments, membership and all benefits thereof will be suspended.


    1. Name and website link on the OCCCA website.
    2. Free participation in member group shows.
    3. Waived jury fee for juried shows.
    4. Inclusion in artist pool for member exhibits (Affiliate Member may choose a Sustaining Member as his or her guest artist).

Sustaining Members are not required to, but are welcome to:

    1. Sit the gallery.
    2. Serve on committees.
    3. Attend membership meetings.
    4. Attend exhibitions.

Sustaining Members cannot:

    1. Vote.
    2. Be guaranteed participation in a member exhibit.
    3. Lead a member exhibit.
    4. Chair a committee.

Selection process:

Selection process will be the same for Sustaining Members as for Affiliate Members, so as to maintain OCCCA's reputation for quality contemporary art. This level of membership is open to artists living anywhere, including locally.




The OCCCA Internship Program provides real world work and learning experiences for college students in related fields of study, such as arts administration, art education, exhibition design, marketing, hospitality, communications, museum studies, event planning, and graphic design.

Working under the supervision of the Directors, interns will assist with the weekly tasks that culminate in the gallery's exhibitions, programs and special events. The Gallery offers the chance for students to build their resumes and receive letters of recommendation at the completion of a successful Internship program.

Internship Areas Of Concentration

1. Art Administration
2. Fundraising
3. Graphic Design and Marketing
4. Exhibitions
5. Gallery Management
6. Special Events
7. Art Education
8. Let us know your interest!

Internships are offered in the fall, spring, and summer to coincide with the academic year. Positions are awarded based on the candidate's skills, abilities, interests, and perceived dedication to the program.

Interns earn college credit and practicum experience (as arranged by the intern with the appropriate college advisor).

Required commitment: 10-15 hours/month minimum

Eligibility: college juniors, seniors, and graduate students

Application form



Patron Membership

All Levels and benefits are on a one year term basis,
and are tax deductable.

Thank you for your support!

Donor wall,
4 free catalogs,
10% off art & gallery rental,
25% discount on class tuition
Membership card:

Donor wall,
3 free catalogs,
10% off art,
25% discount on class tuition
Membership card:

Donor wall,
2 free catalogs,
25% discount on class tuition
Membership card:

Donor wall,
1 free catalog,
25% discount on class tuition
Membership card:

Donor wall,
25% discount on class tuition
Membership card:

Donor wall,
Membership card:



Alumni Membership


Exclusive to past outstanding
OCCCA affiliate members

Alumni membership fee:
  • $200 per year
  • (membership card will be
    mailed to you)  


  • Name on Digital Donor Wall (in OCCCA gallery)
  • Name /short artist bio and website link on the OCCCA website.
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