Pop-Up Holiday Art Sale

November 1-17, 2018

Gallery Hours: Thur-Sat 12pm-5pm

Reception Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018 6-10pm
in conjunction with the Santa Ana Art Walk

Prices starting at $25. Nothing higher than $250
Art belongs to everyone!

Andrea Moni


Art is life! The creation of art is a defining characteristic of the human species. It reflects the world around us and expresses our unique spirit throughout time. We love popular art forms: movies, books, songs.... Along with mass-produced art, original works of fine art should be accessible to the public as well. It can be something that belongs to you and not just something you see in museums and galleries or resides in the basements of private collectors.


Jeffrey Frisch


The purpose of The Pop-Up Holiday Art Sale is to offer gallery-quality art by professional artists at affordable prices to beginning art collectors, art lovers, and the general public. Whether you want to start your own art collection, buy a work of art for your own personal pleasure, or give someone art as a gift for the holidays, this Pop-Up affords you that opportunity.

Free gift wrapping!


Kurt Weston


Participating artists:
Evalynn Alu, Jeff Alu, Stephen Anderson, May-Eivor Belsby, Rich Bohn, Victoria Chapman, Annie Clavel, Jeffrey Crussell, Kebe Fox, Jeffrey Frisch, Jeff Gillette, Pamela Grau, Bev Jacobs, Kiyomi, Echo Lew, Rob Mintz, Andrea Moni, Jon Ng, Dalibor Polivka, Robin Repp, Steve Roberts, Soheila Siadate, Leah Shapi, Steve Stilgenbauer, Kurt Weston, Carolyn Yarnell


Stephen Anderson



Remember: An AIDS Memorial Retrospective

December 1 - 29, 2018

Opening Reception December 1st. (World AIDS Day) 5-10pm

Kurt Weston, Barbara Romain, Alexandria Allan

The history of AIDS activism and the losses of the ongoing AIDS crisis continue to resonate with multiple generations. Remember is a memorial retrospective exhibition commemorating those lost to AIDS while they were still in their prime before the symptoms of the virus took hold.  The exhibit offers a snapshot of the 1980’s underground, rife with counter culture indignation, sexual exploration and a resistance to the socio-political systems which marginalized alternative, queer lifestyles.  

AIDS Then & Now - a panel discussion 5 – 6PM
Since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980’s the underlying causes of HIV/AIDS such as poverty, homophobia, racism and stigma are still rampant. The panelist will focus on the impact and status of the epidemic then and now.

The Panelist:
Dr. William Thompson IV – Infectious Disease & HIV specialist. 
Philip Yeager – Executive Director/CEO at Radiant Health Centers
Alina Oswald – Author and Editor for A&U - America's AIDS Magazine

Kurt Weston – Artist, Educator and Advocate

Kurt Weston


Barbara Romain, HARD RAIN



Alexandria Allan, Sex at Stations of the Cross


Press Mention:

Remembering Without Flinching
Three Artists’ Work Commemorates Those Lost to AIDS in Their Prime

by Hank Trout. A&U Magazine



January 3 - 26, 2019

Opening Reception January 5th. 6-10pm

Kebe Fox, Stephen Anderson

A blind, uncritical follower of an ideology or belief.

One who does tedious, menial work or appears to lack emotion, concern or enthusiasm.

An individual who contributes nothing and lives off the labors of others.

A pilotless, remotely controlled aircraft utilized as a weapon, for surveillance, transporting or recreational use.

A sustained, monotonous sound, hum or buzz.


Kebe Fox, Pipe Dreams


Stephen Anderson, The End is Calling


Recommended listening for Drone:

Everyday Robots | Damon Albarn

Clones |  Alice Cooper

Mini Mall | Dancing Lethargic

Monoculture | Soft Cell

Atomic Cafe | OMD

To preview the Drone show in progress and visit the artists studios inquire at: kfoxart@aol.com
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